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As Community Energy Malawi (CEM) continues to implement its projects across the country, the Catholic Church owned Radio Maria took an interest into the organization and invited its Country Director, Edgar Kapiza Bayani, to a radio interview.

The interview which took place on July 25, 2021 had the Country Director stating the dire need of universal energy access in Malawi. Presently, only 18 percent of the country’s population has access to electricity. This exposes the desperate situation, especially in the rural areas where electricity is needed to power health or education facilities. Energy access in Malawian rural areas is only at 4 percent.

Through the program, which was hosted by Father Joseph Kimu, listeners were given an opportunity to phone in, ask and share challenges on energy access in their communities. Among them were three women who called to narrate the need for solar electricity at nearby health centre. They also called for clean cooking options, citing the difficulties they have in collecting firewood in faraway woodlots.

Presently, CEM is in contact with some of the listeners, following up on their challenges. However, for this to be accomplished the organization continues to look for partners to help in energy access.

Written by: Wonderful Mkhutche