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Community Energy Malawi (CEM) provides services in; Networking of organisations and individuals with interest in renewable energy; Raising Awareness on potential of renewable energy; Capacity building in Renewable Energy Technologies; Lobbying and advocacy on Renewable Energy and; Fundraising for and funding Renewable Energy Technologies.CEM will endeavour to provide detailed and timely support on community energy projects. The organization will also help in bringing together policy makers, energy suppliers, installers and users as a way of finding new innovative ways of developing community energy. We are proud to have produced a toolkit on Renewable Energy Technologies



=>To enable communities in Malawi create sustainable renewable
energy solutions to meet their energy needs



=>Affordable and sustainable energy for Malawian Communities


CEM Director at Powering Health Workshop in Tanzania

CEM Meeting with the community

Some of CEM Products

Scottish Minister Humza Yousaf in a CEM Community