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CEM Hosts Trocaire Malawi Extension Workers In Chiluzi Solar Electricity Project

On Tuesday, Community Energy Malawi (CEM) hosted 15 extension workers under Trocaire Malawi in Dedza, T/A Kasumbu, Chiluzi Village through Barrier Removal for Energy Access in the district with support from the Scottish Government.

Through the project, CEM identified four businesspersons in 2017 at Chiluzi Trading Center to be assisted with solar electricity for their businesses. The businesses include barber shop, tea room, video show and refrigeration of soft drinks. These were supplied with solar electricity materials as a loan which was paid back in three years.

Speaking during the tour, one of the beneficiaries, Maulidi Damiano, who has a barbershop told the visitors that his life has transformed through the business.

“Through the business, I have realized enough profits for my other ventures. I am now planning of starting a salon business. With the barbershop I serve men, now I want to serve women,” he said with a smile.

One of the visitors from Chikwawa EPA, Anastanzio Makhulula, was thankful for the learning journey and said that it has given him a new perspective on productive use of solar electricity.

He said: “I am going back home inspired that using solar electricity business profits can be improved. The positive stories, especially the growth in business due to solar electricity has been a new experience to me.”

On her part, Trocaire Malawi’s Maggie Ngwira, was in appreciation to CEM for facilitating the learning journey.

“We have solar electricity projects in Agriculture in some districts, but we wanted them to look at it from business perspective. It has been seen that the visitors are impressed with what they have seen. We will continue working with them, especially when they want to implement the lessons they have learnt today,’ she said.

Ngwira’s sentiments were agreed to by CEM’s Energy Development Officer, Memory Suwedi, who said that the essence of the visit was to spread the lessons for such projects to benefit people in other areas.

Lessons have been spread: Suwedi

Through Malawi Renewable Energy Strategy, Government of Malawi has prioritized solar electricity in its bid to ensure sustainable and clean energy for all by 2030 as stated in Sustainable Development Goal 7.

Written by: Wonderful Mkhutche

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