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Project Eyes To End Gas Emissions

A new project that is being implemented by the Community Energy Malawi (CEM) eyes to minimize emissions of gases in the ozone.

The project under the name, Sun Ovens Project, will be implemented in Zomba and Kasungu.

CEM’s Energy Development Officer, Chawezi Gondwe, says the need to implement the project arouse after noticing that the country is being hit hard with climate change effects.

“This is a project that would run for two and half years. We are implenting the project in partnership with Comsip Cooperative Union Limited and Community Energy Scotland,” Gondwe said.

He added that the project is being supported with funding from the Scottish government through Climate Justice Innovation Fund.

According to Gondwe, CEM will supply some communities from the two districts with solar ovens that will be used to manage community bakeries.

“Currently, we are shipping the ovens and other accessories that will be used in to produce confectioneries in various villages from the two districts,” he said.

Gondwe: We are shipping the ovens

Earlier, CEM worked hand in hand with Comsip Cooperative Union Limited to fund members of Sakata Comsip in Zomba among other things..

Sakata Comsip secretary, Dorothy Chindomba, says this is a welcome development.

“We generated profits from the previous project. We had money that we used for school fees and pocket money for our children. We also used the funds to buy fertilizer,” Chindomba said.

In 2016, Sakata Comsip earned K1,336,830 and they got K2,341,000 in 2017 whereas in 2018 they got K3,365,270 from the business of confectioneries.

However, they used firewood in their ovens, a development which attributed highly in the gas emissions in the ozone.


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